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Reusable Antimicrobial

High Protection Mask

Black mUnity MaskPowered by HEIQ Viroblock

SFr. 38.00

Blue mUnity MaskPowered by HEIQ Viroblock

SFr. 38.00

Green mUnity MaskPowered by HEIQ Viroblock

SFr. 38.00
Washable and Reusable
8-Layer Protection
Adjustable Earloops
Tightly Knit Fabric
2 Way Respiratory Valve
Splash/Fluid Resistance
Advanced Particle Filtration
Soft Cotton Inner Layer
Welcome to mUnity

mUnity masks are made using a superior Swiss-based textile technology that not only provides additional protection from various types of microbes and germs but also allows ease in breathability. We wanted our masks to be more than just a necessity - we also made them comfortable and sustainable.


Each mUnity mask is made of fabric treated with HeiQ Viroblock technology that disrupts the behavior of bacteria, microbes, and germs on the fabric. This product is treated with a biocide to protect it from microbes and germs. Active ingredient: silver chloride. Equipped with 8 layers of protection, the mask also has a two-way filtration valve which allows for ease in breathing whilst also ensuring you’re well protected.


mUnity masks are available in a range of sizes and are equipped with nose clippings to prevent your glasses from fogging. The inner layer of the mask ensures moisture control and absorbs unpleasant odours and sweat, making it sports and exercise-friendly. The new normal has made masks a part of our everyday life, so why not sport them in style? mUnity masks are available in a variety of colours so that you can pick one that fits in with your look for the day, every day.


As we respond to the COVID-19 crisis, we want to be part of the solution, while minimising environmental pollution. The disposal of single-use masks leads to enormous plastic waste; they are, therefore, not a sustainable solution. Our sophisticated fabric technology ensures that the mask can be washed up to 30 times or used for a month, whichever comes first.


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