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The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a surge in the demand for hygiene and sanitisation products across the world, especially masks. For the foreseeable future, masks will be a part of everyday life and your attire as well. While the primary objective is to provide the necessary protection they also need to be stylish and comfortable.

mUnity is the coming together of top quality fabric and technology to create high-quality masks. Based out of Switzerland and manufactured in India, we use the Swiss Viroblock technology to manufacture our masks. Although protection has been the main focal point when designing these masks, we also want to ensure our masks have the style and panache to become a favourite amongst our customers. Making them sustainable by ensuring a washable fabric for multiple uses, mUnity masks are looking to check all the essential boxes to make them your go-to choice.

“When the pandemic started and the world was flipped upside down, masks became the new normal. During the initial days, several masks that I came across had several flaws like lack of filtration, uncomfortable fitting and poor fabric to name a few. Having worked closely with a fabric manufacturer in India, we came across the Swiss HEIQ Viroblock fabric technology and we found the perfect match.

We decided to name our label mUnity - an amalgamation of Community and Immunity. As we now brace the new normal, our aim is to provide the best in class masks, which ensure safety and comfort for all our consumers"

- Lipika Bajaj